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  • Welcome to Issue 6

    "With great freedom comes great responsibility" - Spiderman's Uncle


    We've come a long way, baby!


    In this our 6th and largest issue to date, a whopping 200 pages(!), we look back in gratefulness for those who fought long and hard for our freedom.


    In this issue, we look at haute couture from our friend, Buddha K, a fashionable reader shows off her style, and our new monthly contributor, Rosy Ovis, teaches us about caring for natural hair. We also interview funny lady, Mel Jones, in our Art&Design section. We offer design ideas to prettify your patio and test drive the new Prius Hybrid.


    We speak to Dr Cherrel Africa about her work at UDubs and catch up with businesswomen Carla Lawrence and Heather Aploon. We continue with our SME Toolbox to help your business thrive. In the bulging Society section, we take you to the best shows of Dubai Fashion week and backstage at SA Fashion Week.


    Still with us? Enjoy the articles, views and opinions of our contributing writers: Nicky Corker, Roberta Roodt, Taryn Victor and Venean Bosch.


    Until next month,

    Karin Londt

    Editor - in - Chief

    This month's contributors

    Roberta Roodt


    I’m Roberta Marie Roodt I was born on the 28 September 1954. I am the second eldest of 8 siblings. I attended Saint Augustine’s Primary School and later went on to the teacher training college to do a teacher course.
    I married Kenneth Roodt and had 3 children. I was always ready for a new challenge. Between teaching, working at the doctor's surgery and doing hair I managed to cope with 3 children.

    In 2005 I decided to go to the U.A.E to teach there and after 13 years I have decided to return to South Africa and be a grandmother.

    Taryn Victor


    Taryn Victor Updated Bio:


    Website: www.tarynvictor.com

    Blog: Diary of a Whimsical Girl

    Tagline: Life is a Whimsical Journey, Live it to the Fullest!


    Taryn Victor is a Blogger, Content Creator and Aspiring Writer hailing from her beautiful country of South Africa.

    Her passion for writing was first expressed through her blog ‘Diary of a Whimsical Girl’ in May 2017.

    Whimsical meaning fanciful, playful, changeable and unpredictable is just some of the terms that describe her. ‘Diary of a Whimsical Girl’ started out as a blank canvas which was later turned into an artwork of Taryn’s creative writing expression.

    As an Entertainment Blogger, Taryn shares with her reader’s upcoming events, theatre productions, and other exciting news that the entertainment industry has to offer.

    As a Lifestyle Blogger, Taryn uses her blog as a platform to showcase the latest talent in the business and entrepreneurial sectors. Entrepreneurs and start-ups alike share their stories and journeys of what it takes to start and maintain a business. This, in turn, allows entrepreneurs to showcase their businesses and share with others their passion for what they do. You will also get a glimpse of the person behind the blog, as Taryn loves to share her favourite travel destinations, restaurants and books among other things with her readers.


    Her ultimate goal is to inspire others to go after their goals, dreams and heart’s desires. Her passion as a blogger has allowed her to meet like-minded creative’s and this has given her the opportunity to share and support others and their passion for what they do.


    Venean Bosch

    Port Elizabeth


    Blogs at: www.inthemeantime.co.za


    Venean is a wife to an entrepreneur husband and a mom to two beautiful children. She is based in Port Elizabeth and writes about parenting and "adulting" challenges we all encounter. Her refreshing style and amusing anecdotes make you laugh at even the most challenging of issues.

    She also reviews a variety of products to make your life just a little bit easier.

    Follow her on Instagram @veneanbosch



    Nicky Corker

    Cape Town




    Nicky Corker (41 years old) born and bred in Cape Town, from the proverbial ghetto. I completed my Bachelor of Social Science as a Psychology and Sociology major at the University of Cape Town (UCT). In terms of a career path, I found myself in Banking and Asset Management for almost 20 years, a far cry from my academic training.

    In September 2017 after a painful divorce, I left the rat race to pursue my destiny. Opening my Non-Profit Organisation (NPO) has been a turning point in my life. Akukho Mida – No Limits (NPO) has become the infant of this childless woman. Youth development, inspiring young people to unlock their potential and finding the limitless opportunities the world has to offer is the main aim.

    Currently, I run an after-school program at a high school in my area focussing on life skills. The program is designed to encourage creative expression. The NPO has also given birth to a fledgeling mentoring program for the unemployed youth in my neighbourhood.

    I never knew that my core had so much motherly love to offer this world. This new mother is so proud of her brood. A smile and a hug from my kids a day keep the darkness away.

    I finally know what it means to be fulfilled.




  • Style & Beauty

    Looking good!

    Meet our Cover Star

    KAY Linden

    26-year-old Kay is from Cape Town and has a love of travelling. She has gained international work experience in the US and the UAE. She has appeared in music videos for well-known performers.

    She is the youngest of 6 siblings and loves exploring countries and cultures. This passionate globe-trotter is also passionate about food, music and fashion and loves a good book by either Maya Angelou of Nelson Mandela.






    I'm from Cape Town and grew up in Parow in the Northern Suburbs, where I attended Parow High School. I have one sibling, my brother, Nugeon. My mom is a travel agent and my dad s an entrepreneur. I'm 25-years-old, single with no children and seeking my soul mate!

    I currently work in the beauty industry as a supervisor for one of the top eyebrow salons in the UAE. We specialise in permanent makeup. I also do part-time...READ MORE.

    Natural Hair Diaries

    with Rosy Ovis

    Natura Rose opened its doors to the public on the 30th July 2017.

    We have a hair studio, onsite shop and fresh produce market: which stocks fresh aloe leaves, rosemary, avocados, etc.

    We believe that styling your hair should be ...READ MORE

    *** Rosy's natural hair care line is now available at our online store

    Clothes That Work With Your Lifestyle

    Desert Cove

    Desert Cove is a brand that caters to modest fashion tastes. Fabrics are opaque, the designs are modern, and its fundamental ethos is one of inclusivity.

    We are proud to collaborate with this fashion range that's all about empowering women, making them feel a million bucks and letting them get on with life without wondering if their underwear is showing!


  • Art & Design

    Let's create something beautiful

    Creative Spirit

    Mel Jones

    Funny, talented, coloured

    We tried, julle! We really tried to have a serious conversation with Mel Jones, but we failed miserably. Not because she isn’t seriously talented or that she doesn’t have the depth of character (she does) but because that laughter she is such a natural at eliciting, kept bubbling up! So, try to follow along on what was a chaotic interview with technical glitches, loads of laughter and even a few pearls from Mel!


    My name is Mel Jones, and I am from Mitchell’s Plain in Cape Town and if you are from...READ MORE

    Creative Space

    patio pretty

    Make the exterior of your home look every bit as elegant and refined as the inside. This month we look at some pieces to up the ante with style for your home!


    Creative Thinking

    Test drive

    We test drive the new Prius Hybrid, 2018.

    It certainly is a groundbreaker in new green technology with its electric and gas hybrid engine. Stats, numbers and figures aside, did we love it? READ MORE

  • Food & Fun

    Taste the Yum!

    Braai Day Faves

    a simple 3-course feast

    Generations of South Africans grow up with a love of the braai. For coloured people, it's an indication of paydays, of holidays and of special occasions.

    This month we update the humble braai with a three-course meal that can be quickly and easily prepared on a hot grill or open fire.


    Movie Review

    Black Panther

    The hype was infectious. Videos of schoolkids dancing on their desks in elation. Shouts of "Wakanda Forever!" on the internet. The all black lead cast. The tears of white people online. I knew I had to go see this one. READ MORE

    Take the shackles off my feet so I can dance

    nicky corker



    Some of you may be wondering why I didn’t rip my ex-husband to pieces and take him to the cleaners (March 2018 article The Right to Love). Well, firstly I wouldn’t touch him with a ten-foot pole in fear of catching something nasty. Secondly, he has absolutely nothing I would want. However, the stark reality is that I have Bipolar and his destructive antics resulted in a stint in the hospital for me. This is the most public platform I have ever out-ted myself (if that’s even a concept). My hope is that my disclosure may help those with mood disorders to come to terms with their lot in life and shed some light for those who support them. The worst form of imprisonment is READ MORE

    Freedom. What does it mean to me?

    roberta roodt

    Freedom to speak out, to choose your religion, to get medical treatment and the liberty to live carefree are the rights of all humans and should not be compromised. Freedom Day is celebrated on the 27 April 1994. READ MORE

  • Science & Tech

    Education, Advice and How-to's


    Graphic Designer

    carla lawrence

    Tell us about yourself. Where are you from? Are you married, in a relationship, do you have children?

    My name is Carla Lawrence I’m a hard working passionate woman who does not know when to stop working. I love pleasing all my clients and always meet a deadline.

    I love camping and the outdoor life with my family whom I simply love unconditionally as they understand me like no one else. I’m from Gleemoor and reside in Ottery for the past 13 years. I’ll be married 18 years this year to my amazing husband, READ MORE

    Woman in Education Profile

    Dr Cherrel Africa

    I am from Wynberg in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town. More specifically I am from lower Wynberg – the railway line separated upper and lower Wynberg. There was also a demographic separation with upper Wynberg being “white” and wealthy. Lower Wynberg consisted of “coloured”. Wynberg is a very strong community. Many of the original families of Wynberg still live there. My grandfather (my father’s father) was a builder and he built the house that I grew up in. My father was born in that house and died in it as well. My brother currently lives in it. My father passed away in 1993 before he was able to vote. My mother died in 1994 shortly after the first democratic elections. I was studying at the time – their deaths forced me into adulthood very quickly. I am the youngest of READ MORE

    Correspondence Courses

    Damelin College

    Vision and Mission

    Damelin Correspondence College offers high-quality programmes that are recognised in the business world and provide learners with opportunities to advance their careers. READ MORE

  • In Business

    Coloured Women. In Business.

    Businesswoman Profile

    Heather aploon

    I was born in Steenberg, Cape Town, one of eight siblings. My mother was a sickly person and one of my vivid memories was when she doused herself in paraffin and tried to self-immolate. My dad...READ MORE

    ** See more of Heather's work below

    SME Toolbox

    How to write a marketing strategy

    In the next part of our SME Toolbox, we look at ways to market your business and why it's important to include this in your Business Plan.


    How to Register Your New Business

    Taryn victor

    In February 2017 a friend approached me with her idea to start a new business venture. She knew exactly what type of products she wanted to sell and had a business plan in place. Creating something new and from scratch was exciting and all, but we needed to make sure that everything was done properly and by the book. READ MORE

  • Society

    People, Places, Things

    Finding Financial Freedom

    Venean Bosch

    Beng financially free has been on my list of goals as far back as I can remember. Just to be able to not think of how much is left in the bank when making a purchase or what other responsibilities take preference before buying...READ MORE



    We all go places, do stuff, meet people. Some of you even send us pics of all the fun! Festivals, launches, openings or just new things you're trying, send us the pics and we'll feature them in our magazine, for everyone to enjoy. So start snapping! Oh, and selfies are welcome! READ MORE