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  • Welcome to Issue 7

    "It is only through labour and painful effort, by grim energy and resolute courage, that we move on to better things"



    Thank you, Mr Roosevelt.


    This month, as every month, we celebrate women who dare. Coloured women who dare to be great, despite the slings and arrows fate may throw at them. Success despite the "coloured" tag.

    We speak to Belinda Davids, an artist who is taking excellence in performance to a whole new level, Deidre MacKenna, who is doing it for herself, by herself, Courtney Mitchell, who is redefining what it means to be a coloured woman with pride.

    In Style & Beauty, we look at how to make your wardrobe work in myriad ways for summer or winter. We found some true treasures at shopbrettrobson.com and superbalist.com. Check them out for more great finds online.

    We haven't forgotten your home! This month we look at some fantastic lighting ideas to bring your home to life in the chicest ways possible.

    We continue our SME Toolbox with advice and tips on how to draft a truly stellar Business Plan for your small business.


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    Until next month,

    Karin Londt

    Editor - in - Chief

    This month's contributors

    Roberta Roodt


    I’m Roberta Marie Roodt I was born on the 28 September 1954. I am the second eldest of 8 siblings. I attended Saint Augustine’s Primary School and later went on to the teacher training college to do a teacher course.
    I married Kenneth Roodt and had 3 children. I was always ready for a new challenge. Between teaching, working at the doctor's surgery and doing hair I managed to cope with 3 children.

    In 2005 I decided to go to the U.A.E to teach there and after 13 years I have decided to return to South Africa and be a grandmother.

    Nicky Corker

    Cape Town

    Nicky Corker (41 years old) born and bred in Cape Town, from the proverbial ghetto. I completed my Bachelor of Social Science as a Psychology and Sociology major at the University of Cape Town (UCT). In terms of a career path, I found myself in Banking and Asset Management for almost 20 years, a far cry from my academic training.

    In September 2017 after a painful divorce, I left the rat race to pursue my destiny. Opening my Non-Profit Organisation (NPO) has been a turning point in my life. "Akukho Mida" – No Limits (NPO) has become the infant of this childless woman. Youth development, inspiring young people to unlock their potential and finding the limitless opportunities the world has to offer is the main aim.

    Currently, I run an after-school program at a high school in my area focussing on life skills. The program is designed to encourage creative expression. The NPO has also given birth to a fledgeling mentoring program for the unemployed youth in my neighbourhood.

    Melissa Javan


    Melissa is a writer with a national degree in Journalism. Currently her hobbies iclude writing about personal finance on her blog http://www.melissajavan.co.za/melissajavan.co.za.

    When she's not engaging in Twitter chats or writing, she's a wife to her musincian husband and mom to her two-year old daughter.

    Follow her on Twitter @melissa_nel and Instagram @melissajavan

  • Style & Beauty

    Looking good!

    Meet our Cover Star

    Nadine Barnes

    I'm 25 years old, and apart from working as a medical receptionist I also model. I recently finished my studies in Human Resource Management.

    I am very spontaneous, I believe in taking risks because I will never know what I'm capable of if I don't try. I adapt to an environment very easily and enjoy being exposed to all kinds of diversity. I am a calm person and who believes in perseverance and not just in throwing in the towel. I think of myself as a patient person, always willing to encourage and uplift people.






    How to Fake a Minimalist Wardrobe

    shopbrettrobson.com & superbalist.com

    We found some fab items online and styled them for summer and winter. Get some great ideas on how to minimize your closet and maximize your options!


    Natural Hair Diaries

    with Rosy Ovis

    Natura Rose haircare is a natural haircare line catering to those of us who wish to embrace their natural hair and to grow and strengthen it, NATURALLY. Roseline Ovis is an entrepreneur and stylist who specialises in creating products using only the best ingredients, courtesy of Mother Nature.


    *** Rosy's natural hair care line is now available EXCLUSIVELY online at our store

  • Art & Design

    Let's create something beautiful

    Creative Spirit

    Belinda Davids

    Taking Divadom Global

    She plays the role of Whitney Houston in a worldwide tour production of a tribute show. Six years ago, the Port Elizabeth-born Belinda Davids was chosen out of almost 15,000 singers for the leading role of The Greatest Love of All: The Whitney Houston Show.


    Creative Space

    Light up your home

    A great way to modernise and update the look of a room is lighting. Floor lamps, light fixtures and table lamps all are affordable ways to increase the chic factor of a room and your home. We have a selection of ideas from a modern range of lights that are fresh and unexpected.


    Creative Thinking


    Meet NamaquaCapey. Fierce, feminine clothes for the new African experience. She celebrates the coloured identity and draws attention to our reality.

    Her designs are colourful, powerful and unique. Her new designs will be available soon.


  • Food & Fun

    Taste the Yum!

    These 3 things

    3-ingredient dishes

    Ever lissed for something, open the cupboard in the kitchen and find exactly three items? Ja, us too. So before we head to the grocery store, let's see what we can whip up with just three things.


    Jusst Baked

    lameez abrahams

    Enjoy the visual delight of these cakes and desserts made by Cape Town baker extraordinaire, Lameez Abrahams.


    I had to keep on going

    nicky corker

    Right! We are running a June Holiday program people, so let’s make it happen!”

    The Religious Leader’s Forum (RLF) in our community had given this directive to a few organisations in the area, No Limits being one of them. 200 kids for 5 days.


    The Keto Diet

    What's the hype?

    Every now and then a diet will cross our collective consciousness and make us wonder if it can really do what it claims. The keto claims weight loss with no exercise Really?


  • Science & Tech

    Education, Advice and How-to's


    Educate Yourself

    MOoc magic

    Do you know what a MOOC is? DO you how to use MOOCs? Read on for some life-changing educational opportunities via MOOC!


    Woman in Education Profile

    phadiela cooper

    We profile Phadiela Cooper, the principal of COSAT in Khayelitsha. We take an intimate look at the woman behind the headlines.


    Top 5 Productivity Apps

    for ios and android

    Want to get your life, health and career on track? We find the best apps for your smartphone to help you do just that.


  • In Business

    Coloured Women. In Business.

    Businesswoman Profile

    Deidre Mackenna

    This month we look to the YOuth for inspiration. In Deidre MaKenna we found the drive, the passion to succeed and the knowledge that her community benefits when she works hard. Read more on this inspirational young woman.


    SME Toolbox

    How to write your Company description

    In the next part of our SME Toolbox, we look at how to write a cohesive company description and why it's important to include this in your Business Plan.

    * Download a FREE copy of the Business Plan from our SME Toolbox


  • Hello Coloured Life Products

    Vrek Moeg

    Boskop Gat Roep Jou Ma



    Is Jy Java?

  • Society

    People, Places, Things

    Explaining White Privilege


    When white people are called out, we often hear the cry, "That's reverse racism!"

    Dear white people, please note that according to the definitions above, you are in fact spouting nonsense. You see, you can't experience racism when racism is institutionalised and made it possible for you to thrive over and above other races. A black person cannot show racism to you because the systems aren't in place to prove that the black person is superior to you. A person of colour isn't the recipient of all the lovely forms of institutional racism that you take for granted.

    That's white privilege.




    sri lanka

    Model Kay Linden recently visited the island nation of Sri Lanka. While there she took some fab snaps and shared them with us.



    Arab Fashion Week 2018

    aboard the queen elizabeth 2

    We were invited to sit FROW with the Arab FAshion Council for the world's first ever floating fashion show, aboard the QE2.

    Join us for all the glitz, glamour and red carpet fabulousness.