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  • Welcome to Issue 4

    In the Name of Love

    Love & Loss

    February is the month of love around the world. Red hearts, roses and Valentine’s day gifts for that special loved one. An evening out, perhaps to a nice restaurant and a show or movie after.


    We certainly do go gaga for love, don’t we? Why not? It raises all the right hormones and we feel very good when we are in love. So let’s celebrate shamelessly!

    Here at Swirl, we have put together an issue that helps you spread that love throughout your life. We're celebrating love in the best way- with wedding attire. Or show your space, big or small, some love with beautiful objets d’art to spice up your surroundings. Or why not show yourself some love with a self - improvement book?


    We speak to fabulous coloured women who are spreading the love for what they do in their communities. Lee Piedt and Simone Momple are both passionate about bringing the love of dance to the coloured communities around them.

    Olivia Du Plessis takes fitness so seriously that she’s turned it into a business. We chat to her about how her business came into being and what motivates her.


    A packed issue of love for sure.


    On a sadder note: LeoLynn Smith, one of our first contributors and an early adopter of the Swirl mentality, passed away tragically earlier this month. Leolynn was passionate about our cause and was determined to represent coloured women as we really are. Her drive, passion and heart will be missed. Our February cover is a tribute to this wonderful Woman Of Coloured Heritage.



    Karin Londt

    Editor - in - Chief


  • Meet Team Swirl!

    Jonelle Dupont

    Jonelle is a Mom, Wife, Ostomate, Writer and Community Development Practitioner living in Cape Town with her husband Gerard and their son Oden.


    She's passionate about women's empowerment and writes about living authentically and being resilient in the face of adversity on her blog, Tyranny of Pink.

    Tyranny of Pink is a lifestyle and parenting blog but it's so much more than that, it's also a space for real women with the passion and drive to live their best lives to be inspired to be unapologetically themselves in the good times and bad. In her downtime, Jonelle enjoys nothing more than a good glass of wine.

    Cherralle Alexander


    Cherralle is a wife and mom of two, living and working in Johannesburg for the last 10 years.


    She is originally from Cape Town.

    She works full time in the corporate field as a Human Resources Business Partner.


    In her spare time, she raises two tiny humans and runs My Daily Cake - a career and parenting blog for women.

    Melissa Joy Ohlsson

    Melissa is a wordsmith and mother of two with a penchant for fashion and interesting places to dine.She's on a natural hair journey because 'kroes is life'.

    She is dedicated to upholding coloured culture and heritage.


    Melissa is passionate about giving women of coloured heritage the voice we never had but so rightfully deserve.

    Nicky Corker



    Nicky Corker is born and bred in Cape Town, from the proverbial ghetto. She completed a Bachelor of Social Science as a Psychology and Sociology major at the University of Cape Town (UCT). In terms of a career path - she found herself in Banking and Asset Management for almost 20 years, a far cry from her academic training. In September 2017, after a painful divorce, she left the rat race to pursue her destiny.


    Opening a Non-Profit Organisation (NPO) has been a turning point in her life. Akukho Mida – No Limits (NPO) has became the infant of this childless woman. Youth development, inspiring young people to unlock their potential and finding the limitless opportunities the world has to offer is the main aim.


    Taryn Victor

    As a Business blogger, Taryn uses her blog as a platform for entrepreneurs and start-ups alike, to share their stories and journeys of what it takes to start and maintain a business. This, in turn, allows entrepreneurs to showcase their businesses and share with others their passion for what they do.


    As a Lifestyle blogger, she uses her blog to share her favourite events, travel destinations and so much more with her readers. Her ultimate goal is to inspire readers to go after their dreams, goals and heart's desires.

    Read more here.


    "I believe that Swirl Magazine, ZA will create a platform for not only women of coloured heritage, but women from all walks of life to voice their opinions and be proud of who they are and where they come from. We are all beautiful and unique in our very own special way."

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  • Style & Beauty

    Looking good!

    Meet our Cover Star

    Leolynn smith

    Leolynn Smith was a single mother, blogger, journalist and was employed in the Local Government sphere. A self-proclaimed "Coloured Feminist", she believed that WOCH can reach great potential by practising self-acceptance. You could find her in the Karoo, playing XBox with her son, enjoying the unique nature scene or sipping iced coffee with friends. Leolynn will be missed by all who knew her.

    Style File

    Wedding belles

    Bridesmaid and flower girl dresses by designer Monique Hess.

    Style & Beauty

    Eye Cream review

    Three reviewers, three brands, three months. Read their verdicts.

    Body Confidence

    Love the skin you're in

    Leolynn Smith wrote about how growing up coloured shaped her perception of beauty and how that shaped her body confidence.

  • Art & Design

    Let's create something beautiful

    Creative Spirits

    For the Love of Dance

    We interviewed two amazing women who are bringing dance back to the coloured community, Lee Piedt and Simone Momple chatted to us via teleconference call.

    Creative Space

    love the space you're in

    Our homes are an extension of ourselves and deserve love too. See what we've curated for your home this month.

    Creative Soul

    Winlynne cloete

    We see the world through the lens of Cape Town-based photographer, Winlynne Cloete.

  • Food & Fun

    Taste the Yum!

    Simple easy recipes

    Food for Love

    "The way to the heart is through the stomach"

    Food that tastes good, looks good and feels good. Yep...aphrodisiac foods are a thing.

    This month we celebrate the love we have with oysters, spicy chicken and chocolate. What more could you ask for?

    Book Review

    Self - love books

    Haven't read them yet? Good, don't. Not until you've read our review. We dish on the good, the bad, the ugly and the rest of this month's books. We review Stephen Covey and Marshall Goldsmith's famous tomes.

    Gifts to Love

    Free gifts for everyone

    It doesn't matter if you're single or spoken for. We have gift ideas that anyone can have, all year round.

  • Science & Tech

    Education, Advice and How-to's



    Danielle Biggar

    Taryn Victor speaks to Danielle on what it means to be a mompreneur.

    How to Write a Business Plan


    Every business needs to grow. Sometimes that means securing funding through investors or banks.

    We break down the big bad business plan into actionable steps every businesswoman should do to make a success of her business.



    Bachelors in Business Administration



    Get all the details on how to get that degree.

  • In Business

    Coloured Women. In Business.

    Business Profile

    Farah fortune

    We tried, we really did. Ms. Farah is a busy woman and so are we. However we do have a full profile of her fabulosity for you this month, courtesy of her company, African Star Communications and Events Management

    Featured Business


    We couldn't have asked for a better interview, than the one we had with human dynamo, Olivia Du Plessis. Read all about her work ethic and what makes her do what she does.

    Made well

    The Anthea O Collection

    Handmade statement pieces, with love from Anthea.

  • Society

    People, Places, Things

    What no-one tells you

    Jonelle's diary

    Based on the success of her last piece ( seriously, the emails though!) we've asked Jonelle to keep writing about her experiences in upping sticks to move her family and her life to New Zealand.

    This month is a bit of a hardship for Jonelle.

    FROW at Dubai Top Designer Fashion Week - Season 3

    Dubai, UAE

    We partnered with this fabulous effort to bring fresh talent to the region. A proud partnership indeed. See more pics from the FROW.

    Social Media

    top 5 Instagram accounts we love

    Did you make our list this month? We're looking for funny, inspirational and real IG accounts from our followers list each month. You have to follow us though!

    Out and About

    Dubai Miracle Garden

    A place where there is harmony between man and nature. We visited this fascinating place to bring you breathtaking pics courtesy of our in-house photographer, AL Photography.