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  • Welcome to Issue 8

    "She's everything, even when she's like nothing." ~ R.H. Sin


    She's finally here! After a month or two of cyber-threats, shutdowns and the like, we are proud to present ISSUE 8!


    In this issue, we look at the power of women. Their resilience in overcoming and powering through anything life throws at them is our focus on Women's Day.


    We look at the style chops of our forever Queen, Jo-Anne Strauss while marvelling at the new incumbent of the Miss SA throne, Tamaryn Green.


    We celebrate with Shelley Barry who is a testament to the power of the female spirit. We explore the world of Lauren Howard who is tasked with celebrating those who save lives every day - firefighters. We learn more from Dr Rene English who is just doing all the things.


    In between all that, we have our regular line-up of how-to's, opinions, recipes and book reviews for you to savour.


    See you soon! ;)


    Karin Londt

    Editor - in - Chief

    This month's contributors

    Roberta Roodt


    I’m Roberta Marie Roodt I was born on the 28 September 1954. I am the second eldest of 8 siblings. I attended Saint Augustine’s Primary School and later went on to the teacher training college to do a teacher course.
    I married Kenneth Roodt and had 3 children. I was always ready for a new challenge. Between teaching, working at the doctor's surgery and doing hair I managed to cope with 3 children.

    In 2005 I decided to go to the U.A.E to teach there and after 13 years I have decided to return to South Africa and be a grandmother.

    Melissa Javan


    Melissa is a writer with a national degree in Journalism. Currently her hobbies iclude writing about personal finance on her blog http://www.melissajavan.co.za/melissajavan.co.za.

    When she's not engaging in Twitter chats or writing, she's a wife to her musincian husband and mom to her two-year old daughter.

    Follow her on Twitter @melissa_nel and Instagram @melissajavan

  • Style & Beauty

    Looking good!

    Cover Story

    DIY Shea Body Butter


    Shea nuts grow on shea trees originally from Africa. The shea tree grows naturally in the wild in the dry savannah belt of West and South from Senegal in the west to Sudan in the east and the South Africa, and onto the foothills of the Ethiopian highlands.


    It’s naturally rich in Vitamin A, E, D, F and Cinnamic ...READ MORE

    South African Style Icons

    THIS mONTH: Jo-Anne Strauss



    Born Jo-Anne Cindy Strauss on the 3 February 1981 in Cape Town, she went on to complete a Bachelors degree at the University Of Stellenbosch. ...READ MORE

    City Girl Style

    5 essentials for timeless style

    Every modern woman knows the value in investing in pieces that are durable and will see her through any occasion or event. We've selected five pieces that can be dressed up or down to make the most of your money while adding style miles to your wardrobe.....SEE MORE

  • Art & Design

    Let's create something beautiful

    Creative Spirit

    Shelley barry

    Gangsterism and drugs. Guns and violence. This is the reality for many of Cape coloureds living with gang warfare on their doorstep.

    Many of us are despondent and often doubt that anything good can come from such a place of violence and death.


    When 23-year-old Shelley Barry was excitedly on her way to a job interview, ready to start the next phase of her life, this reality was far from her mind. ...READ MORE

    Creative Space

    Charming crockery

    We all need crockery in our lives, right? So why not elevate yours in a way that adds a sparkle to your eye each time you use it. Functional can be fine and fine!

    Check out our selection.


    Creative Expression

    Dealing with anxiety and depression

    Anxiety and Depression are in the media because of the deaths of two famous figures. We explore what it means to suffer from these mental issues and how you can support anyone who IS suffering. ...READ MORE

  • Food & Fun

    Taste the Yum!

    Smoothies All Day

    Healthy takes on everyone's fave

    Not all smoothies are made the same. In fact, some are loaded with so much sugar and fat that they similar to an ordinary milkshake. Some combinations can cause you to become bloated.


    Let's introduce you to some belly friendly smoothies. Dairy products and fruit are not a good combination. Try not to overload the added sug...READ MORE


    HOw to change to the minimalist lifestyle

    In a world consumed by consumerism (the need to get the latest greatest thing, just because) it is refreshing to find the antidote. Living the minimalist lifestyle is the move to conscious living, living with intention. ...This means that we think about everything we bring into our lives. From the chair you are sitting on, to the cup you are drinking from. It urges one to look at the role things play in our lives.


    Coloured people are renowned hoarders, but this is easily explained when one considers the history of scarcity we were ...READ MORE


    The 3 Day Zero Sugar Detox

    When you hear the word ‘sugar” what do you think of? The white granulated variety you buy off the shelf at your local grocery store, right? Or, if you’re slightly more bougie, you’re thinking of the raw, brown, “healthier” version. You’d be right. But sugar is found in many more forms than just the convenient packaged variety. Come with our editor-in-chief, a contributing writer and a friend to experience a three-day sugar detox. ...READ MORE

    Book Review

    the best a man can get - john o'farrell

    It's not often we wander over to the side of white privilege to see how the other half lives, but this book came highly recommended by a few friends who really should know better. So for this issue, we are going to suspend our scepticism and revolutionary tendencies and just read this book for the enjoyment of hearing how white people are just.like.us....READ MORE

  • Science & Tech

    Education, Advice and How-to's


    Buying followers for Social Media

    We all want to be famous. We want to be the next big thing. Our need for validation drives us to take endless selfies, post on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and so on. We look at others who seem to have achieved fame and fortune and wonder how they did it.. One can’t really tell from looking at their posts on Social Media because that’s their idealized reality and guess what? It's often not real. That perfect selfie? She took 50 before deciding to post that one that made her, and her life looks perfect. We can’t slam her for that,...READ MORE

    Women in Science Profile

    Dr Rene English

    1) Briefly describe what your job involves.

    Our organisation conducts research that aims to strengthen the public health system in South Africa. We also produce two flagship publications that review the performance of the health system. I manage the Health Systems Research Unit and am involved in designing the studies and ...READ MORE

    Online Store Review


    Online shopping is a phenomenon that’s slowly killing off regular retailers. Why bother getting dressed up to head to a shopping mall with thousands of other like-minded people when all you really want is a cute dress for a cousin’s wedding? Now you can sit on your bed, credit card in hand, and choose from the best the online retailers have to offer.


    But there is a downside to this way of shopping.....READ MORE

  • In Business

    Coloured Women. In Business.

    Power Woman Profile

    Lauren howard

    The 28-year-old Lauren Howard is the voice behind the organisation Working on Fire (WOF) in the Western Cape. Her job as the Provincial Communications Officer is to spread the good news of the firefighters to the media, social media, newsletters and internal departments. ...READ MORE

    SME Toolbox

    How to develop a sales plan

    If you fail to plan you plan to fail.”


    What is a Sales Plan and why do I need it?

    A Sales Plan is a set of goals, together with a timeline and strategies to make your sales a reality....READ MORE


    * download your free template in our SME Toolbox

    Developing a Business

    The Rise Of the MUA

    IMUA or Makeup artists are the modern-day equivalents of Picasso. They just use your face as a canvas! Read on for more on the inexorable rise of the MUA.​Until quite recently MUA was not as prevalent in society as they are now. In fact, many credit the rise of the MUA with the rise of YouTubers and bloggers. So, in all, it’s a relatively new industry. Makeup brands have typically held sway over the training and development of MUA in order to sell to their customers, but today many MUA are self-taught.



    MUA are creative people who can use colour, contour and palettes to make you look and feel your best for a special occasion or just for a...READ MORE

  • Society

    People, Places, Things

    Tamaryn Green

    Miss SA 2018

    Born in Worcester, the Green family moved to Paarl when Tamaryn was 9-years-old. Thanks to the drive and encouragement of her educator parents, Tamaryn did well in matric and worked hard to pursue her medical degree at the University of Cape Town. The middle child of the family, Tamaryn is very family orientated and lists spending time at home as one of her favourite things to do​....READ MORE


    Clothes Swap Saturday

    How to DIY

    We’re taking our responsibility towards the environment seriously. Our aim is to reduce our waste and to live a zero-waste life. Part of this is to reduce how much money we spend on fast fashion, or any fashion really. ​...READ MORE


    Sandton convention center

    Ephemeral marketing is the future we have stepped into, Jodene Shaer, one of the speakers at the Madex Expo said. “This type of marketing is material that lasts for a short amount of time,” she explained.......READ MORE